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I’m an author of tween and YA books, reader, writer, advice-giver, TV addict, dog person, friend and family lover—basically, someone who’d rather sit and write, email, text, play Words With Friends incessantly—pretty much anything but exercise.

Oh, and I’ve met Johnny Depp. (In another life, but we’ll get to that later).

“What The Dog Said”

My newest tome (fancy word for book) is sad and funny. It’s about 13-year-old Grace Abernathy whose beloved dad is killed in a maybe-not-so-random shooting. Grace is a mess. How can anything ever be the same? Friends, grades, family, food, boys: who cares anymore?

Rex does, that’s who. He’s a rescue dog. Who talks—but only to Grace. Sometimes, she can’t get him to shut up! Besides, she wasn’t supposed to even deal with the talkative tail-wagger, but thanks to her older sister’s manipulation, Grace is the one who totes Rex to training school. He’s being groomed as a service dog to help disabled kids.

Only Rex is the dog Grace herself comes to rely on. He helps her deal with her guilt, find out how her dad really died, what’s really going on with her sister, and guides her to a new, but normal, life.

Rex is the dog Grace comes to love more than anything in the world. The dog she must give away.

“What The Dog Said” -- Rave Review!

“This combination grief novel, mystery, and talking dog story bridges the real and the fanciful. Reisfeld’s novel is moored by believable characters, dialogue, and emotions.” – Publishers Weekly

“Animal lovers will relish the details about training service dogs, readers will follow Grace’s determination to have her father’s killer brought to justice, and all will find her hard-won healing inspiring.” – School Library Journal